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Monoidėja Furniture has been offering modular furniture solutions for small and complex spaces since 2000. In salons Monoidėja Vilnius ir Monoidėja Kaunas you can get to know the furniture collections live, get a consultation and an offer. Transformable modular furniture saves room space and customers' money. Furniture is designed and modules are selected with a specialized 3D program. Dressing rooms, work rooms, bedrooms and youth rooms are designed according to the dimensions, room plans and photos provided by the client. If necessary, the dimensions of the premises are specified before the confirmation of the order. Non-standard furniture heights, corner cuts, additional elements and color solutions are available.

Upholstered furniture are designed with an Italian 3D program that allows flexible changes in the design, configuration, tapestries and accessories of the furniture. According to the coordinated project, non-standard soft corners, sofas, sofa-beds, armchairs, recliners and beds are produced. You can choose tapestries from a wide collection, which is full of modern technology materials and natural leather.

Bed in the closet and other solid transformable furniture are made from freely selectable furniture modules. You can choose furniture colors, layout, configuration and accessories. The furniture is made of quality 10, 16, 19, 30, 50 mm thick laminated furniture board and painted MDF board. The furniture uses Italian fittings with a silent closing function. Monoidėja 3D sketch design costs nothing for customers.

Furniture for children Monoidėja and Youth Room Furniture manufactured according to a pre-arranged 3D project. Such production pollutes the environment less and conserves natural resources. We prepare each room project individually. Monoidėja ready for even the most complex room interior solutions. If you are satisfied with standard products, the E-shop is at your service. Choice of materials from wood to painted or lacquered MDF furniture. Volume discounts are always applied when buying a furniture set or room furnishings. Beds with Monoidėja with mattresses - always cheaper.

Main Monoidėja the direction of furniture remained unchanged - we offer modular interior solutions. Ergonomics, flexibility and quality are the most important points Monoidėja in interiors. We take pride in the work we do and share ideas and opportunities.

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